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  • MaterialLanthanum, Caviar, etc


  • South Korea South Korea
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│LanCell Hair & Scalp Care solution (Shampoo & Tonic)│


Characteristics and merits of Lancell Hair & Scalp Care Solution :

International and external first three patents(rare earth elements inclusion hair composite). Domestic first four
university hospital clinical trials accomplishment(Gangdong Kyunghee Univ. Hosp., Catholic Univ, Hosp.,
Seoul Univ, Hosp., Inha univ. Hosp) USA OTC Drug registration. NAMSA LAB(American FDA certification
facilities) skin stimulation safety test passage, Medvil(KFDA certification facilities) preclinical trial effects proof,
27 countries patent applications including China, United states, Japan and EU, China patent registration.

Conclusion and Consideration

Variation of test group measured by phototrichogram is 39.93±54.74 and comparison group show their variation as 4.21±34.71. it is confirmed that LANCELL is significant for hair number increase showing the difference of P-value as 0.048.

And hair diameter of subjects in test group is 31.5%±3.1 and its of subjects in comparison group is -33.9%±6.0. It is confirmed that LACELL provides efficacy for hair growth showing the difference of P-value as 0.042

Patent and Certificate of Lancell Hair scalp Care Solution


│LanCell 24 inch Body Gel│


Korea University efficacy endpoint – Body fat rate

Patent and Certificate of Lancell Body Care Solution


│LanCell Serum and Cream│


Characteristics and Effects of Lancell Serum and Cream :

  1. Purity 99.9% (=9, 990ppm) original nature caviar oil 1 % inclusion instead of mixed caviar extract
  2. super moisture water bamboo sap inclusions differing from water
    (The largest content was 40.91 % to 54.5% cream to serum in total water content)
  3. Micellbio's itself development patent ingredient lanthanum (La) inclusion
  4. Nature herb ingredients and nature essential oils inclusion
  5. Harmful ingredients No addition

Patent and Certificate of Lancell Serum and Cream Solution